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tamas dombovari

"Photography doesn’t exist without light and subject"



Photojournalist, Portrait, Event, Architectural, Interior and Food photographer.


I compose the picture by thinking about the light, shadow, angle, distance and even details to include or dismiss in the frame. I try to take the best picture in order to minimize editing later on. Editing is a powerful tool that we can take advantage of however I see it as a different art from photography.


Simplicity and shapes. Interested in colours but keen on black and white.


I believe that you only have one shot to capture a moment in time, there’s no going back if you miss your chance.



Escher Károly Prize for the best news picture in Hungary at the 38th Hungarian Press Photo Contest, 2020


1st prize in News and events photographs category (single) at the 38th Hungarian Press Photo Contest, 2020

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